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Alix A. Bien-Aime | Partner


Alix Bien-Aime has 10 years experience as a financial planner. He graduated from Rutgers University with a Baccalaureate in Liberal Arts. Alix is a founding partner of Q6 Advisors, Inc. and spent the first part of his career in the graphics industry holding a variety of management positions. This background of creativity and management allows him to “think outside of the box” for robust solutions addressing a myriad of planning needs as well as providing attention to detail.

Alix focuses on comprehensive financial planning, asset protection (including the most valuable asset—you), life, disability income, long-term care coverage and liability coverage - property & casualty. He specializes in addressing your liability needs and being a holistic advisor who will liaise with your trusted advisors, bringing the team together to provide the strategic guidance for your overall benefit. Making use of his industry expertise, innovative thinking, product knowledge, leadership skills, as well as leveraging other resources, he prepares and presents a creative plan that offers you the opportunity to make intelligent decisions.

Alix holds series 7 and 66 FINRA licenses, as well as life, accident and health, property and casualty licenses in many states. Alix is a qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)* and he has accumulated many awards and honors. His commitment to a client’s well being and success coupled with his dedication has earned him acclaim among his clients and peers. His experience and technical industry knowledge enables him to interface with your other professional advisors, CPAs and attorneys to build a road map that allows you to reach your financial destination safely.

Alix has a passion for sports and enjoys a host of activities especially: running, cycling, inline skating, SCUBA diving and skydiving. He relaxes with the joys of photography, saltwater reef aquariums, growing orchids, bonsais and roses as well as drawing (favorite medium being graphite). He enjoys sharing these activities with friends and family and has won commendation for his prized orchids.

Alix is a registered representative of Hornor, Townsend and Kent, Inc.

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*The Qualifying Member was created by the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) which is a global and an independent association comprises of life insurance and financial services professionals. In the US, the life insurance or financial services professional must pay an annual MDRT membership fee and opt to pay an additional fee for Qualifying member as well as meeting commission or premium, or income methods production. An individual who is a first-time applicant becomes a Qualifying (Q) member when his/her application papers are approved. Until the 10th year of membership is attained, the member will be a Qualifying member. The requirements do not evaluate the quality of services provided. The honor is not indicative of the applicant’s future performance. For more information, please visit:

Mitchell A. Carron | Partner


Mitchell Carron is an experienced financial advisor with over 10 years experience assisting individuals, families, and businesses with their investments, retirement strategies, insurance, and other financial needs. He works with his clients to preserve their financial future by creating a strategy specific to their needs, selecting appropriate investment vehicles, managing the risk, monitoring the performance, and maintaining an ongoing relationship to review their changing needs.

Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He has Series 6, Series 7, and 63 FINRA licenses, as well as life, accident and health licenses.

Mitchell concentrates his practice on IRA consolidation and rollovers, college savings plans, 401k/403b/pension rollovers, distribution strategies, asset allocation.

Mitchell spent the first part of his career in the telecommunications industry and he held a variety of senior management positions including General Manager and Vice President working for Pacific Telesis, Airtouch Communications, and SkyTel Communications. This background provided him with an in depth understanding of employee benefit planning, business planning, and financial management.

Mitchell is also a member of the board of directors of the Long Island Chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, serving as its chapter president for the past several years.

He is married to Laurie and has two children Adam and Elissa. His passion is for tennis, reading, investing, and family.

Mitch is a registered representative of Hornor, Townsend, and Kent, Inc..

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Steven E. Kramer | Partner, MBA


Who Am I

I have 34 years experience as a financial advisor. I graduated from Boston University with a BSBA in finance, concentrating on investment strategies and financial analysis. I have also received my Master’s degree in finance and quantitative analysis from Adelphi University. I am a senior partner at Q6 Advisors, Inc.

My values, coupled with my commitment to my client’s well being, are foremost on my agenda. I believe that my professionalism, integrity and creativity have allowed me to develop a special relationship with my clients. I bring a unique ability to translate information into coherent and simple ideas that make sense for my clients.

Communication with my clients has always been the mainstay philosophy of my practice. I have an innate enthusiasm for wanting to help others. I believe this attitude was forged from strong family values and a conscientious work ethic. I grew up in a family owned business where client loyalty and dependability was ingrained into my mentality.

As a child, I was intrigued by anything that I could take apart and put back together! I think that is why I am so good at helping people plan; unraveling and understanding the moving parts of a financial plan is in my DNA.

I have many experiences and stories that help clients to understand the value of what we do, and I would love to share some of them with you!

What I Do

My primary focus is in the investment planning space. We design investment solutions that make sense. Our approach to investing is based upon sound reason and informed perspective. We employ the ideology that a well informed investor is more likely to make intelligent decisions. My core investment philosophy is to provide tactical investment guidance, as well as, help clients adapt to the ever-changing situations that they face.

It is of paramount importance that I thoroughly understand what my clients would like to accomplish, their goals and their objectives. The thorough analysis of information, as well as engaging in detailed conversation, will allow for well thought-out plans that will make available the best possible strategy.

Our industry expertise, cutting edge thinking, vision, and product knowledge, coupled with available resources, and the ability to present creative plan options offers clients the strategic guidance to make intelligent decisions.

My experience and technical industry knowledge enables me to interact with a client’s tax advisors and legal counsel.

My firm, Q6 Advisors, Inc. is set up to provide maximum support to clients. Our partners, staff and junior associates, work closely with clients to ensure that all of their needs are met.

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Ankur Manchanda | LUTCF, Partner


While financial planning has been my full passion for the past 15 years, it stemmed from a different path which shaped and molded my knowledge for the present. Studying Computer Information Systems for my Bachelor of Science at Stony Brook, has trained me to become the true problem solver it takes to create the solutions I do for my clients today.

The key to my success is truly caring for my clients. Everyone’s goals and dreams are different, so it’s really about understanding what you are trying to accomplish and structuring a plan to help you achieve it.

Early in life, I learned that to have something nice in life, you have to work hard for it. My parents, who came here as immigrants looking for a better opportunity for their children and achieving it, taught me that anything is possible if you plan for it. This is why I am extremely passionate in showing others how, through strategic planning, they can make intelligent decisions to achieve their goals and dreams.

Planning is not always on people’s minds and does not trigger a sense of urgency until something happens to themselves or someone close. But, by breaking down the traditional way of thinking and bringing in new ideas and concepts, I can show my clients how to build, grow, and protect their future.

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