About Us

What’s in a Name — Q6 Advisors, Inc.

Q6 Advisors Inc. derives its name from the Qualitative and Quantitative process utilized to evaluate each client’s situation. The process is a client centric model that employs 6-steps that commences with the initial goal setting meeting and culminates with periodic reviews and relationship management. The power of this model is in the ability to facilitate an open dialogue with the client, focusing on listening, understanding and educating. This dialogue is tantamount to the success of clients’ goals, hence the superscripting or "power" of the 6.

The Managing Partners of Q6 Advisors, Inc., the Junior Partners, our support staff and Strategic Partners value our process. It is not only embedded in our name, it is the core of our approach. The value of Q6 Advisors, Inc, is our process and our relationships, differentiating us from other advisory firms allowing us to truly offer Strategic Guidance so that our clients can make intelligent decisions.

Mission Statement

To provide strategic guidance for intelligent decisions focused on the design, implementation and management of insurance and financial strategies and solutions. Our Mission is to make certain that our client’s aspirations and goals are attainable. Through sound, consistent, professional advice and service we help our clients achieve their financial goals. 


Since no two clients are alike, our approach is to understand each client’s needs and concerns, to identify risks and opportunities, analyze circumstances and develop tailored solutions.

Planning is filled with complexities, but opportunities, when properly identified are more readily attainable. Since the financial and benefit spectrum is broad, our process is structured to provide guidance, whether it is a singular or comprehensive need. The foundation of Strategic Guidance focuses on communication which leads to efficient coordination and a complete understanding of your needs.


With broad knowledge and experience we offer strategic guidance on a wide range of business and personal financial solutions. We identify new trends in the industry and bring effective strategies for your consideration. With access to a myriad of resources, including a support staff of financial professionals who are experienced in multiple disciplines, our financial advisors can educate you on possible solutions that are connected to the financial goals you have set for yourself and your firm.

We are committed to servicing our clients with integrity. The foundation of our relationship is built upon trust, honesty, transparency and open communications. We provide unbiased timely advice with the philosophy that our client’s interests always come first.