May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

How long could you stay the course if you lost your ability to earn your present income?

You take on the financial responsibility of insuring your most valuable assets. You insure your home and its contents to protect against theft, fire and even flood. You insure your auto from the financial impact of auto-related damages or injuries. Perhaps you insure other valuables, such as jewelry, antiques and collectables.

Do you insure your income? Your income is your most valuable asset óone that makes owning your home and automobile possible. But have you considered that your income also determines your current standard of living and provides for your long-term financial goals? Unfortunately, itís all at risk should you suffer a disability, and disability is much more common than you might think.

Itís human nature-most of us donít want to think about getting sick or injured, or about struggling financially because we are unable to work. Yet itís a possibility we all must consider, especially since disability is a common-and growing-problem, and personal savings rates are at historic lows.

Losing your income to a disabling illness or injury could happen to you. So how would you answer these important questions:

  • Could I afford to live without my income?
  • How much of my current income goes to cover living expenses each month -mortgage, car payments and gas, utilities, food, and home repairs? How would these be paid with no income?
  • How long would my savings last?
  • What lifestyle changes would my family or I have to make to accommodate the lost income?

The risk of disability isnít just physical. The consequences can have a profound emotional and financial impact on you, your loved ones and your future opportunities.

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